Be fast

fast pricing expert

I still remember the reprimand I got from my boss back in my consulting days.  

My customer had asked me to help them with mapping out their existing pricing processes and then design their new pricing processes.  I’d done all the prework.  My customer was losing her patience with how long it took me to design these new processes and frankly, so was I.

So that night I made a first draft.  The next day I presented the new processes to her so we could get to work with them.  

My customer was delighted.  My director?  Not so much…

I could have charged at least two more weeks for those processes.  I worked too fast.

The too fast part, I got – I’ve been hearing that one since I was a kid.  The charging for two more weeks part, I did not get.

The whole charging by the hour business is outdated if you ask me.  Charge for the value you deliver.  Being fast because you know your shit is PART of that value.

So be fast.

(So both your customer and you can move onto the good stuff.)

Just remember to charge for it. 

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