Because I’m worth it!

A talented textile and fashion designer from Denmark was invited to exhibit at the Louvre in Paris. We can all agree that that is quite an exclusive setting and you probably need to have top notch quality products to be invited there in the first place. She was and is.  

She was incredibly proud yet a little nervous as she packed her collection and made her way down to the beautiful city of lights. All went well. She was properly installed, her stand looked stunning displaying her designs in an exquisite manner. People were raving about her clothes and sales had not been bad at all.  

She had a beautiful red coat on display and one customer really wanted to try it on. It was clear that she adored the fabric, the design and the colour. As she whirled around, admiring herself in the mirror, the designer just knew that the sales was in the pocket.  

Then the customer asked her about the price (she had not cared to look at the price tag before). The designer pointed at the price tag, showing 2,000. The customer nodded with a smile.

Until the designer realised that this was a Danish price tag…. She immediately started apologising to the customer, saying that the price was stated in Danish kroner and was obviously priced way too expensive for Euro standards. The price was therefore of course only 300 Euros and not 2,000.  

The customer’s facial expression turned to a frown as she stared at her reflection in the mirror. She walked away without the beautiful red coat: it simply was too cheap for her standard…

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