How a bunch of Pirates made me change my offering

PIRATE Summit 2019 – Photo by Dustin Preick

First day back at school.  Summer’s over.  Though even way up in Stockholm we still have some nice warm sunshine.  What a summer it’s been.  We’ve been quiet on social media but we have been brewing up stuff behind the scenes!

Rewind to THE most amazing conference just before summer started: Pirate Summit!  I had heard a lot of positive things about this event but nothing could have prepared me for how awesome it really was, and how awesome all the PEOPLE were!  It felt like a mellow summer music festival crossed over with a hard core super insightful knowledge conference, sprinkled with a lot of respect and good vibes.  To make it even better, I hosted a campfire on one of my favourite topics in the whole wide world: Pricing!  Yeah, baby!

Ok.  For those of you yawning right now, let’s wake you up.  I not only talked about Pricing, I talked about Pricing it like Blackbeard! Being at Pirate Summit and all: you get the picture.

I did not really know what to expect as I didn’t know the level of experience my fellow campfire mates had in the field.  So I prepped in as many directions as possible, staying open to discuss whatever was top of their mind.  Once I had introduced how Blackbeard achieved his infamous pirate status (hint: there’s more to it than having a very black beard), I opened up the floor for discussions.  

I got buried under a pile of economic theories, management buzzwords and a lot of 3 letter word abbreviations coming from subscription pricing best practices.  

Good.  Ok.  So they know their shit.  Yay!  We could just call it a day and go for a cold beer (it being a sunny +30C day).

Or maybe not…

Because when we then tried to translate all of this into what you actually need to do as a business to get good bottom line results using all these smart pricing theories, it suddenly got very quiet…

Yes, people had tried all sorts of different things. Doing A/B testing, setting a textbook price, working with price anchors, making 3 different offers to choose from, etcetera etcetera. 

Yet it seemed the majority were still struggling with the very basics of value based pricing and what this actually meant and how to then translate this into a price offering for your customer.

What they needed most, was someone cutting through the buzzwords and simplifying things into clear steps towards better pricing. That, and a good chat, judging by the amount of people approaching me after my campfire. Someone to spar with and bounce ideas off. 

So I’ve decided to listen to my fellow pirates and do just that. I have been brewing up stuff to change our offering all summer. 

Stay tuned for more!

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