It’s not just you


I attended TechBBQ in Copenhagen last week.  So many interesting encounters and inspiring conversations…

What struck me once again is just how many businesses struggle with setting their prices.  

Not just the new startups who only launched their business a few months ago.  Even one of the founders of the four unicorns who opened the event on the main stage, admitted that setting prices was one of the hardest issues to tackle in any business. 

Even gigantic corporate organisations struggle with this. I know because I used to work in and for them for more than a decade.

So if you’re a business owner who thinks the others are probably being smarter about this, you can relax. They’re likely struggling just as much with this, as you are 😉

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is exactly why I started The Pink Enterprise in the first place.  

I have seen so many companies struggle with how to set their prices and, as a consequence of that, stress about how to make ends meet or how to get the funds to grow their business in the long term.

When it doesn’t have to be like that:  A handful of small adjustments can make a world of difference.

I would love to show you how 🙂

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