Keep it simple

The past decade of working with businesses on pricing issues have taught me one thing: begin with the beginning. 

Wax on, wax off.

Begin with the beginning means getting the basics right.  Fixing those.  Understanding them.  Truly understanding them.  

Then start playing.  

Playing meaning: add complexity.  Read 1 new economic theory, think about it, see whether it would make sense to apply some of its learnings.  Try that out.  Learn.  Read about another hip new  business model.  Take what works for you and throw it into the mix.  Keep it if it works, throw it out if it doesn’t.

Don’t let all the extra’s mess with a well-oiled machine of solid basics.  Only add in the extra’s if they add value: if they lead to more profits, grow more business or hold on to loyal customers.

Keep it simple.