Why the bright pink fish stays!


I have just launched my new website. It’s taken me about two months to put together even though it’s not a really big one when it comes to website real estate. Now I don’t want to talk to you about the website building process or what I like about it and why I think it’s the best website in the whole wide world… (since that would be stating the obvious).

I do want to talk about why the bright pink fish swimming around as you open the website stays!

At one point I was having doubts about whether or not to keep it. I mean it’s quite unusual in my field of business to have a fish swimming around, less so one that is bright pink. Would people take me seriously? Would they continue reading? Would they believe me if I told them that I knew pricing?

Then I found myself talking to a potential customer. Someone had actively told me I needed to speak to this person because I had what they needed. So no cold-calling. In the course of five minutes I decided that I needed my fish. It was going to be a time saver, it was going to be a moat, it was going to be a life saver!


Thirty seconds into the conversation I realised that I didn’t really care whether that person wanted to work me: I did not want to work with them.

Once they dropped McKinsey on me to illustrate they had everything under control and did not see why anyone in their own company could have suggested that I (so obviously not McKinsey) should talk to them, I knew…

Nothing against McKinsey – I love reading their insights – just that naming a traditional consultancy name (blue logos, big words, you know what I mean) in an attempt to scare me off, told me exactly what I was dealing with: a customer that was not mine but someone else’s.

I know because I have worked in traditional consultancy (not McKinsey but one of the big four – which to the person on the phone clearly did not make much of an impression). The types of customers they work with are, a few exceptions aside, not the ones I am after.

I also knew that once this person would open my website, they would close it again in instant. Well not immediately. They would first laugh out loud, turn around to their colleague to show them what a silly little website they had just opened and who in the world would think that anyone would take this seriously. Then they would close it.

And that is exactly what I would want them to do.

I want to work with people who have a sense of humour. Who dare to do things differently. Because frankly: that is what it takes if you want to achieve pink profits. You know, the ones that don’t just make your accountant happy but your employees and customers too?

Doing what you have been doing isn’t getting you where you want to be. So do something else.

Be a bright pink fish swimming in the ocean on the lookout for pink profits!

Meet the fish!

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